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TIME PREVENT - Marine Algae

Antiage ingredients concentrate to help prevent the negative effects of aging on mature skin, in order to enjoy the secret of youth. FACIALDERM masks are made in 100% cotton tissue and preimbibided in 30ml of concentrated serum with natural ingredients. Complete treatment for face and neck. 

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Intensive antiage action. Redefines and brings energy to mature skin in order to enjoy the citality and beauty of younger skin. FACIALDERM masks are made in tissue 100% cotton and are preimbibided in 30ml of concentrated serum with natural ingredientes. Complete treatment for face and neck.

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Spa Manicure Mask - Pearl

Hydrolized pearl stimulates metabolism and cellular regeneration, and promotes a whitening effect and tone unifier on the skin. Improves the aspect of black spots, and skin's texture becomes silkier and with a younger aspect. Practical glove in double layer technology that promotes a faster and deeper active ingredientes absorption. 

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STOP TIME - Collagen

FACIALDERM intensive patches present the Hydrogel technology: intense, fast and with a constant active ingredients dose to the skin. With an external impermeble layer and an internal layer with active ingredients concentrates, its action provides more intensive results and a nmore powerful treatment.

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Spa Pedicure Mask

Also know as Nori, the Porphyra Tenera algae contains a rich content od protein similar to soy, aand also contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E and zinc. These properties contribute to a major nutrition and skin's regeneration while strenghten and repair it from the inside.

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Ocean Pack

Get into the deepest parts of the ocean with these pack of treatments with algae and collagen. Take care of your face with the help of algae and collagen patches, and pamper your hands and feet.

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