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Spa Manicure Mask - Pearl

Hydrolized pearl stimulates metabolism and cellular regeneration, and promotes a whitening effect and tone unifier on the skin. Improves the aspect of black spots, and skin's texture becomes silkier and with a younger aspect. Practical glove in double layer technology that promotes a faster and deeper active ingredientes absorption. 

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Spa Pedicure Mask

Also know as Nori, the Porphyra Tenera algae contains a rich content od protein similar to soy, aand also contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E and zinc. These properties contribute to a major nutrition and skin's regeneration while strenghten and repair it from the inside.

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Progressive Exfoliating...

Laminaria is a marine algae rich in minerals, protein and vitamins. Its properties promote tissue regeneration, elimination of toxins and cleanses impurities. Helps revitalise callosities and hardness thanks to its composition that boosts the natural exfoliation process of the skin. Promotes cellular regeneration so that feet can be soft and attracive.

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