Tips to combat spring asthenia

Tips to combat spring asthenia
With the arrival of Spring our mood changes: we can finally enjoy the weather outdoors, sunlight lasts longer and it's a great moment to do activities outside. But that also means tiredness, nuisance and even mood changes, clear symptoms of spring asthenia.

Spring asthenia can cause apathy, lack of apetite, pressure changes and general discomfort. Today we want to help you prevent it in order to enjoy the arrival of spring.

-         Hydration 24 hours a day

Keep your body hydrated, either by drinking 2l of water a day or either by drinking tea. It's important to hydrate regularly to battle tiredness caused by spring asthenia. 

-          Exercise regularly

Your body is unique: take care of it by exercising at least 30 minutes daily. Connect with your inner self while you workout your musculature.

-          Healthy and balanced diet

Follow a balanced diet based on fresh foods, and have 5 meals a day. This will avoid low levels of glucose. Opt for a balanced diet, with energy ingredients and other lighter. 

-          Meet your resting hours

It's important to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day to avoid tiredness and mood changes. But if despite meeting your resting hours you feel downhearted and with no energy to start the day, try to add royal jelly to your breakfast. 

-         Take some time for yourself

Never forget the most important thing. Find time to disconnect from everything that surrounds you: relax your musculature, release stress and enjoy from the benefits of nature by your side. With the PERFECT PURE purifying green tea mask you will feel like in a spa but without leaving the house. Light up some candles, set a lovely atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of this mask on your skin. 

Your moment starts now. 

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