Rituals to welcome Spring

Rituals to welcome Spring

By the end of winter, flowers start blooming. A spirit of hope and life after a long period of hibernation and cold temperatures. Nature is reborn and prepares to be in its whole splendour: the right time to follow some rituals to prepare yourself for the arrival of Spring.

Closet cleaning

Get rid of the things you no longer use: be practical and sustainable. To clean the closet is a good rituals to detox yourself from bad vibrations in order to start spring season with your biggest smile. 

New decornew life

Sunlight brightens your home, and provide a warmth sensation. Give your dining room a fresh and zen atmosphre: adapt the house for the next months of the year. 

Surround yourself with plants

Add life around you: buy a plant, or grow vegetables at your urban vegetable garden. The season for outdoor activities is coming, so make sure to be in full contact with nature. 

Beauty treatments at home

Relax, get yourself comfortable and enjoy the most natural benefits on your skin with Facialderm's 100% cotton face and neck masks. Fancy pampering yourself with rose hips? 

Simply by following these small rituals you will find a new way to grow your well-being. A way to take of yourself on the inside that will reflect on your skin. 

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