Benefits of marine algae on your skin

Benefits of marine algae on your skin
In the last few years, marine algae have experienced an authentic boom. Either in the food industry, with new and delicious recipes that include this popular ingredient in asian cuisine, or either in natural cosmetics, marine algae have become a must in our daily life.

And it's easy to know why: its multiple benefits for the body and skin convert this inbgredient in a powerful beauty elixir. Marine algae take us to the deepest areas of the sea: its actives act instantly on the skin while they bring a sweet sensation of relax and comfort. 

The antiaging power of marine algae prevents the skin's premature aging process, as well as avoid impurities. They reduce spots, wrinkles and give an unified tone. They are also great protectors of the action of free radicals, which stimulate the aging process. 

The TIME PREVENT face and neck mask is a marine algae based treatment that will help you battle wrinkles, while providing an authentic spa experience. Facialderm masks are made in 100% cotton, a natural material that stimulates the ingredients action on the skin. Relax, disconnect from the routine and feel the instant power of nature. Ready to experience the way of beauty? 



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